Transform Your Outdoor Living: Add a Luxury Alfresco Dining Space

Unleash Luxury Alfresco with Kiwi Outdoor Shelters:

Your Dream Space, Our Expertise!

Our Team: Building Your Outdoor Haven

At Kiwi Shelters, we’re more than just builders; we’re creators of choice outdoor living spaces that resonate with the Kiwi way of life. From building a deck to crafting luxury outdoor rooms, our team of professionals is here to transform your space. Here’s how we can elevate your outdoor living:

Extend Your Living Space: Your Outdoor Room Awaits!

Turn that unused deck or patio into a relaxing outdoor living area. Our home extensions living solutions are designed to blend seamlessly with your existing structure, creating a space that’s as functional as it is beautiful. Whether it’s a batch for the weekends or a new design trend for your home and garden, we’ve got you covered.

Control the Sun and Shade: Your Outdoor Living, Good as Gold!

Our building techniques ensure a flat roof that creates a light, warm, and dry space you can enjoy all year round. Apply for a building consent with us, and we’ll handle the rest. No more worries about the Bad weather; with our shelters, you’re in control.

Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Room: Good for Gatherings and Relaxation!

Imagine a versatile living space where you can enjoy a flat white with friends or a BBQ snag with the whānau. Our outdoor living decks are more than just a place to sit; they’re a space to live. From outdoor wooden furniture in NZ to ideas for outdoor living space, we provide everything you need for outside living space ideas that are sweet as


Let’s schedule a time to meet at your location, where we can collaboratively design an outdoor room. We’ll tailor it to fit your space, aligning it with your lifestyle and specific needs.


We’ll craft a personalized quote for you, meticulously aligned with your design preferences and budget. With a fixed cost, you can rest assured there will be no hidden surprises.


Our team of skilled professionals will construct your new room adhering to the highest standards, maintaining transparent communication with you throughout the process. The result will be a stunning space for you to relish and enjoy.

Infuse Your Home with Distinctive Elegance

You don’t need to clutter your deck with mismatched accessories or an arch that conflicts with the sleek, straight lines of your home.

Embrace Alfresco Living: With its sleek, single-sloped lines, our modern solution offers an elegant touch that you’ll be proud to showcase and share with others.

Savor unforgettable moments with friends in your tailor-made outdoor dining oasis.

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